Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Choose a Refrigerator From Any Brand

Choose a Refrigerator From Any Brand

Explore your options for commercial refrigeration installation in Lubbock, TX

Some contractors only install products from one or two brands because they've entered into distribution deals with them. This limits your refrigeration options, which can potentially raise your budget or force you to install a product that isn't a great fit. If you want to choose your own unit and still work with reputable contractors, hire West-Tex Air & Refrigeration.

We offer commercial refrigeration installation services in Lubbock, TX. We have the freedom and experience to install a refrigeration unit from any major brand. You can even trust us to install your ice machine. To discuss possible refrigerators or ice machines for your property, reach out to us right away.

You can reach out to us whenever you're thinking about getting a new refrigeration unit. We'll be happy to help you when:

  • You need a new refrigerator for your new business
  • You're adding additional refrigeration units to your current business
  • Your old refrigerator is too broken to fix
Not sure whether your unit is beyond repair? We can come by and assess it. Call 806-630-2665 now for more information on commercial refrigeration installation or repair services. We'll be happy to provide a free estimate on your project.